Bridge the gap between those trained in the world of loyalty programs and what’s in the best interest of your convention group as a whole

Competing against current hotel loyalty programs

Independent research and creative consultancy, Savanta Group Limited (formerly Morar HP), conducted a survey for Oracle Hospitality – The Loyalty Divide – in which they explored business versus leisure bookers and their attitudes towards hotel loyalty programs. The survey found that an astounding 82% of business travelers are likely to book where they earn rewards whereas leisure travelers are far less likely to be influenced by the programs. The vast majority in both groups, however, said that a loyalty program based on experiences rather than rewards would be appealing.

Business travelers especially usually book a particular hotel to earn points.

ResponseRewards can help you overcome the challenges of outside the room block bookings is a platform that can be used to earn, track and redeem points like traditional loyalty programs,* however, even better, it can be used to offer reward experiences developed from a city’s attractions. These experiences will give attendees an extra they can rave about.

*Learn how a ResponseRewards program can be designed so you can award experiences to attendees for all kinds of triggers like exhibitor scans, workshop attendance or booking sleeping rooms at your official convention hotels.

ResponseRewards are delivered digitally and for immediate use thus having a “one-two” punch that can help you beat the pull of existing hotel points-only programs.