Travelers often book a particular hotel to earn points.

A website called was started by six major hotel chains to send them more direct bookings and has been given new life by promoting hotel loyalty programs. This is not about to change – bookings within hotel loyalty programs are slated to rise to over 50% of the total in the next year or so and keep rising.

How can you bridge the gap between those trained in the world of loyalty programs and those who innately know it’s in the best interest of the convention group as whole to stay in one of the official hotels? can be used in the same way to track points earned for all kinds of triggers from exhibitor scans to workshop attendance to booking sleeping rooms at one of the official convention hotels.

From scavenger hunts in the lobby of the official convention hotel to VIP experiences to simply offer a choice of digital gift cards that can be earned instantly, we believe choice and the fact that everyone likes to be recognized are the two primary motivators. If rewards are custom made and tailored to the event, we believe that can match and beat the pull of point programs that are the backbone of hotel loyalty programs.

ResponseRewards can also be used with the city’s attractions where your hotels are located to create invaluable incentives. That’s where our sister website, (established 1996), will leverage its contacts to insure room block attendees get the best seats at must see programs.

Once these ideas have been hatched, we work with clients to test a campaign and find see what’s working. This way not a single reward is wasted.