Choice is the common denominator among all successful incentive programs and can offer your group perks, like a huge selection of digital gift cards as well as special travel experiences for attendees.

Digital Gift Passes:

Unique experiences from local businesses can be offered as perks that provide Instagram – ready experiences. This can include local attractions, restaurants or the convention hotels themselves.

Attendees get digital gift passes that are easy to identify or scan with a smartphone for entrance into special events

Custom Voucher Tailored To Your Program

Digital Gift Cards:

Recipients can choose from a variety of retail gift cards. It’s fast, secure and easy to redeem their gift code for a wide variety of choices. We use Tango Card’s interface to deliver digital gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Target, Macy’s, Starbucks, Home Depot, REI, Pottery Barn, Gap, Chipotle, Zappos and many more.

Charitable Contributions

Tango Card’s interface also allows us to make a donation to charities such as (Red), Habitat for Humanity, and Clean Water Fund.